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 Hacienda del Alamo Golf Resort

Pool Cleaning - Pool Repairs & Maintenance - Pool Building

MPL Property Management provides a full and comprehensive swimming pool service to villa and apartment owners on Hacienda del Alamo. Whether it is a new build pool created from nothing, substantial works such as replacement of pool steps, or general repair, cleaning, and maintenance work, MPL has the experience and skills to deliver a reliable, high quality and competitively priced service.


In addition to project managing full pool builds, including assisting with obtaining the necessary permissions and licences, MPL's in-house team can undertake major and minor repair work to swimming pools. The company also has significant expertise fixing problems with pool pumps, pool heaters and swimming pool pipework.

The pool service team at MPL provide a thorough and meticulous pool cleaning service, chemical level checks and water-level top ups as required, plus cleaning of the areas surrounding the pool.

Homeowners or renters arriving at an HDA villa or apartment cared for by MPL are guaranteed a sparkling clean pool with crystal clear water that helps make that a hugely positive first impression. Many property owners on Hacienda del Alamo chose MPL to maintain and clean their private swimming pool having seen the exemplary work the company performs caring for three of the golf resort's communal pools. For outstanding pool service, contact us now!

Swimming Pool Cleaning
Pool Repairs & Maintenance
Pool Build & Installation

Checking and rebalancing the chemicals in swimming pools is a crucial part of the cleaning and pool maintenance services provided by MPL. The correct chemical levels render the water safe for swimmers to use while ensuring chemical levels are not so high as to cause discomfort or unpleasant odours for bathers or those relaxing poolside.

Surface debris is removed and skimmer baskets are emptied and replaced. Pool walls and floors are carefully vacuumed to remove dirt that can become ingrained permanently staining tiles and grouting.

The sunbathing and socialising areas immediately surrounding swimming pools are pressure washed to remove dust and dirt.

MPL carry out repairs to lighting systems, identifying and fixing electrical faults. Tasks undertaken include changing halogen bulbs to more cost-effective LED, installing LED driver units and the required cabling.

Pump and pipework repairs are performed, as is regrouting of tiles, remaking pool steps, and changing gresite pools to liner pools.

Pool regrouts are a particular speciality and MPL have carried out this service for most of the community pools on the Hacienda and over 15 times for private households.

A pressure testing service to find and repair leaks is provided, while the company has considerable expertise replacing and rebuilding swimming pool steps.

Full project management services are offered by MPL to homeowners wanting a swimming pool built on their property. MPL will recommend trusted, reliable contractors, ensure the correct permissions and licences are obtained, and supervise the contractors to keep work on schedule and on budget.

The company provide in-house expertise for full pool refurbishments, including regrouting, retiling and installing new lighting systems.

Homeowners experiencing problems with their pool steps can take advantage of MPL's innovative and ground-breaking method of redesigning and replacing steps in swimming pools. This process changes the steps from gresite tiling to a granite or caliza finish.

One of the great joys of owning a property in Murcia, Spain, an area that enjoys over 300 days of sunshine per year, is having your own swimming pool for leisure, entertainment and exercise. However, the cleaning, maintenance and repair of swimming pools can be a great deal of work and worry for pool owners. For a remarkably reasonable price, MPL Property Management can take care of all pool related issues for owners - allowing owners and their guests to get the maximum pleasure from their pool with the least possible hassle and inconvenience.

Pool Cleaning & Chemical Control
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