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MPL Property Management Homes, Pools & Gardens 
Hacienda del Alamo


We Care For Your Home As If It Is Our Own


Property services include: cleaning, maintenance, repairs and construction for villas and apartments. Also, keyholding services, assistance with utility and other bill payments, plus providing a help service for rental guests.


Garden services include: pruning, weeding, feeding, application of chemicals for pest control & maintaining hard landscaping areas. Also, garden design: planting, rockeries, lighting and maintenance of garden furniture.


Pool services include: pool cleaning, maintenance work, application of chemicals and tile cleaning. Other services include leak detection, pool regrouting, pump repairs and replacing bulbs in pool lighting systems.

MPL are the foremost property management company operating on Hacienda del Alamo Golf Resort near Fuente Alamo in Murcia. Long-established, trustworthy and highly professional, MPL have built an outstanding reputation for quality and reliability. Over many years, the company has been caring for homes on behalf of absent owners ensuring all the houses, gardens and pools entrusted to their care are maintained to an impressive and exacting standard.

The company also provide a full property management service to owners that rent out their property, preparing homes for the arrival of renters and providing such assistance as may be needed during the renter's stay.

A full gardening service is provided to both owner-present and owner-absent villas and homes on Hacienda del Alamo. The garden service covers all garden maintenance issues such as pruning, weeding, feeding and pest control. Other services offered include: soft and hard landscape design and installation, development of planting schemes and the design, construction and care of outdoor seating and dining areas.

Premium-standard swimming pool cleaning and maintenance services aim to keep swimming pool water crystal clear and safe to use. Regular visits, checks on chemical levels and a proven cleaning programme help keep pools in a pristine condition. In addition, MPL can apply their considerable experience and expertise for leak location, pool repairs, full swimming pool tile regrouting, and the maintenance and repair of pool pumps, piping, and pool heaters.

MPL provides project management services to homes on HDA where building projects, including swimming pool construction, are taking place. Assistance is provided to ensure all permissions and licences are correctly obtained for each project undertaken.

MPL employees are fully fluent English and Spanish speakers which is a huge benefit for property owners when dealing with national and local authorities, utility bill set up and payment, plus negotiating with local suppliers and local inspectors.


Hacienda del Alamo house, apartment and villa owners can rely on MPL's property management team to cater for all their needs. Home repairs, electrical and plumbing works, installation and maintenance of airconditioning units, decorating and touch-up tasks, including painting and tiling, can all be professionally undertaken by the experienced and multi-skilled staff at MPL.

The MPL team also provide homeowners on Hacienda del Alamo with administrative assistance for Local Authority licences and permissions, setting up and paying utility bills, plus other essential admin tasks where their fully bilingual English and Spanish language skills can make life far simpler for property owners.

MPL's outstanding, benchmark cleaning services come highly recommended by owners that rent out their properties to holidaymakers. Pre-arrival, mid-stay and post-departure cleans can all be provided to help maintain villas and apartments in tip-top condition. Pre-arrival villa cleaning and preparation is also provided for absent owners returning after long periods away from HDA.

The property management arm of the company also project manages the construction of extensions, as well as other interior and exterior building works. MPL can recommend architects, window and door manufacturers and installers, swimming pool builders and other specialist services. The company will efficiently project manage any building works, liaising with architects and each company that is involved in the building works process.


Known as the 'Fruit Bowl' of Europe, Murcia's constantly sunny climate combined with sophisticated irrigation systems means vegetables and fruit grow at an astonishing rate. The same applies to plants, hedges, shrubs and trees in gardens on the Hacienda del Alamo Golf Resort.

MPL provide landscape gardening expertise for large and small remodelling projects involving both soft and hard landscaping of outdoor spaces and gardens. Paths, terraces, decking, outdoor seating areas, lighting schemes and irrigation systems can all be professionally installed to the highest standard by MPL.


The year-round stunning weather in Murcia means a huge amount of time is spent outdoors either relaxing, using the pool, eating, drinking, socialising, reading or sunbathing. MPL can ensure the outdoor spaces used by homeowners and their guests look perfect by providing pruning, weeding, feeding and insecticide treatment services.


As a well-established, reputable and wholly-reliable property management company, MPL are entrusted with the care, repair and maintenance of the swimming pools, gardening, electrical, plumbing, painting, and general maintenance jobs on three of the separately-managed communities on Hacienda del Alamo.

In addition to maintaining the large communal pools of three communities, MPL look after a large number of private pools for villa owners. Pool builds, pool repair, leak finding, pipe and pump repair, electrical repairs, maintenance work, chemical controls and cleaning are among the quality swimming pool services offered by the company to HDA homeowners.

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