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MPL Property Management can help property owners develop a full, professionally designed landscaping scheme for gardens and outdoor spaces.Whether it be hard landscaping, soft landscaping, low-maintenance planting schemes, outdoor dining, or cooking areas, MPL can help deliver your vision.


Experts in softening hard-landscaped areas with the installation of high-grade artificial turf (see below), MPL can also instal outdoor lighting systems and automatic irrigation systems to ensure plants survive and thrive.

The MPL team have expert fruit tree and shrub pruners who will maintain the health, vigour and appearance of trees hedges and shrubs with careful trimming and pruning. In addition, regular weeding, feeding and pest control spraying is undertaken as part of the garden maintenance programme.

Wall-to-wall sunshine, coupled with irrigation systems and regular plant feeding, means all vegetation, including weeds, grow profusely in Murcia. An MPL garden maintenance programme will keep outdoor spaces looking their best throughout the long hot summers and the cooler but sunny winters.

Pruning - Weeding - Feeding - Pest Control Spraying - Garden Design

Landscaping & Garden Design
Maintenance of Gardens & Outdoors
Planting - Lighting - Irrigation

MPL can help homeowners on Hacienda del Alamo Golf Resort create an outdoor space that best suits their needs and lifestyle. Whether it is full landscaping and garden design of an undeveloped plot, or redesign of an existing space, MPL has the expertise and experience to deliver the project on time and on-budget.

The company can carry out concreting and laying of paving slabs to create walkways, sunbathing areas and outside dining spaces. The effect of hard landscaping can be softened with artificial turf, that is easy on the eye and pleasant underfoot, plus a planting scheme to add year-round colour to the garden.

Pergola-type constructions can also be installed to provide shade.

MPL's Property Management maintenance and repair service aims to identify and resolve potential problems at an early stage. Regular visits to check on properties can help owners on Hacienda del Alamo avoid suffering catastrophic damage to their holiday home by spotting problems at an early stage.

General property redecoration and touch-up work can keep homes in pristine condition, especially when the home is a rental property.

In addition, plumbing, electrical, carpentry and other skilled trade tasks can be carried out by in-house experts.

Whether it be touch-ups or tiling, plug changing or rewiring, fixing taps, or unblocking drains, MPL are the go-to company of HDA.

Seasonal flowering schemes, low maintenance shrubs, hedges or trees can all be planted and maintained by MPL to ensure your HDA garden always looks at its best. Fruit trees are a particular speciality. MPL's vastly experienced vine and fruit tree expert is able to correctly prune so as to ensure healthy growth and maximise cropping. He can also spot and treat troublesome pests and bugs at an early stage. The company are also authorised to apply hazardous chemicals such as insecticides, fungicides and herbicides.

MPL install irrigation systems to maintain healthy plant life and sophisticated lighting schemes for background and security lights, plus illuminating attractive features.

MPL Property Management offers Hacienda del Alamo property owners peace of mind and takes away a great deal of the worry involved in owning an overseas property. Their well-deserved reputation for customer care, quality service, and work performed to the highest standards, makes MPL the first choice for owners needing project management skills, property repair and maintenance, or cleaning services. Contact MPL Now!

Softening Hard Landscaping with Artificial Grass
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